The Ship
Greek Islands

Our Mediterranean Cruise

From January 17th to February 1st 1998, we were on a cruise-tour of the eastern Mediterranean. We started out flying from San Francisco to Istanbul. This web site is being expanded as pictures get developed and scanned.

Web Page Date last updated
Istanbul 3/29/98
Ephesus, Cyprus, Didyma, Priene, Rhodes 3/23/98
Athens, Delphi, and Jerusalem 2/15/98
Crete 2/11/98
Dead Sea 2/9/98

The full Itinerary was as follows:

Jan 18-19 Istanbul map.gif (5096 bytes)
Jan 20 Board the Aegean I
Jan 21 Lesbos
Jan 22 Ephesus
Jan 23 Rhodes
Jan 24 Cyprus
Jan 25 Haifa, Israel
Jan 26-27 Ashdod, Israel: Jerusalem and the Dead Sea
Jan 28 (at sea) [The Aegean I]
Jan 29 Crete
Jan 30 Disembark in Athens
Jan 31 Delphi
Feb 1 Fly home

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