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before.jpg (148103 bytes)Welcome to the record of our trip to China! We are Fritz and Marie, and we live in Northern California. Here we are with our bags packed, setting out on a grand adventure.

These are just a few pictures from our tour of China. We took along two digital cameras, and brought back well over 2,000 pictures. The biggest job is selecting which ones to use for the web site. Comments to

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Web site organization

I like detail in my pictures. Most of the full size images in here are 200 Kbytes or more, This can take a while to download on a dial-up connection. That's why my pages have just the small "Thumbnail" images on them. To see the full sized image, click on the thumbnail. Try it on the picture of us above.

We have tried to include both information about both specific destinations, and general topics related to travel in China. The destinations which we visited are either listed on the navigation bar or under the nearest large city. For the general topics, click on the "Topics" button above.

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We started by buying a packaged tour from Ritz Tours. The value received was outstanding! They put us in top-notch hotels, provided a tour director who went with us all the way and had local guides at each stop. At the end of the package, when the rest of our group was returning to San Francisco, we added on two more days  to visit Guilin. We left California on May 7th and returned on the 23rd.
Day Tour program
7th San Francisco to Beijing on United Airlines
8th Cross the date line and arrive in Beijing
9th Tour Beijing
10th Tour the Great Wall
11th Tour old Beijing
12th Fly to Wuhan, start Yangtze cruise
13th Visit Yueyang
14th Cruise the Three Gorges and visit the dam
15th Stop at Wushan tour Lesser Three Gorges
16th Disembark, fly from ChonQing to Xi'an
17th Tour Xi'an
18th Fly from Xi'an to Shanghai
19th Tour Shanghai
20th Tour Suzhou, near Shanghai
21st Free time in Shanghai, fly to Guilin
22nd Cruise the Li river, return to Shanghai
23rd Fly from Shanghai to San Francisco

The Middle Kingdom (China)

We didn't go all the places on this map, but if you click on the places we did go, the map will take you to the corresponding page.


June 16, 2001 Added topic on language
December 2002 Joined Travel Reports Ring
December 2013 Deleted Web Ring links

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