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For many centuries Xi'an was the capitol of China. These years left their mark on the city, but one discovery has catapulted Xi'an to the forefront of the ranks of the worlds tourist destination: The 2000 year old buried army of Terracotta Warriors of the Ming emperor Qin Shi Huangdi 

Thursday, May 17

xianc1.jpg (206567 bytes) We fly into Xi'an and go straight to an Imperial Dumpling banquet in a restaurant in the heart of the city.
wpe18.jpg (65298 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (95882 bytes)The central square, near the Drum Tower, is alive with people enjoying the cool night air.

Friday, May 18

wpe2F.jpg (71884 bytes) wpe33.jpg (97015 bytes) We start out with a visit to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda
wpe2D.jpg (106991 bytes) wpe11.jpg (149814 bytes)The prayer cushion was protected by a mat that seemed to be made from snack food wrappers!
wpe35.jpg (91633 bytes) wpe37.jpg (100289 bytes)The buildings around the pagoda have been carefully restored to their original colors and roof lines.
But the highlight of our trip is our visit to the Terracotta Warriors
wpe13.jpg (79752 bytes) We wrapped up the day with a sample of "Tang dynasty" music and dance.

Saturday, May 19

Up early, and off to the airport for our flight to Shanghai
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