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Chang JiangWhen westerners first reached the mouth of the longest river in China, they asked what its name was and were told "Yangtze." This is actually the name of the final broad stretch of the river where it empties into the ocean. The Chinese have different names for different sections of the river, and refer to the whole river as "The Long River" (Chang Jiang) or as "The Great River" (Da Jiang).

This page has two parts:

bulletOur River Journey
bulletLife along the river

There is a separate page of Three Gorges scenery

Our River Journey

Saturday, May 12

We arrive in Wuhan from Beijing and visit East Lake and the Yellow Crane tower before boarding our Victoria Cruise Lines ship, the Yangtze Angel

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wpeA2.jpg (84657 bytes) The crew provides a formal welcome aboard.

Sunday, May 13

The ship goes slightly off the Yangtze to dock at Yueyang. We visit the Yueyang Tower and a gift shop which features "Silver Needle Tea."

Monday, May 14

wpe6E.jpg (62756 bytes) The Gezhouba dam in Yichang produces electricity and regulates the flow of water downstream. These sluice gates raise to allow water to escape in the dry season.
wpe6A.jpg (84450 bytes) wpe6C.jpg (63773 bytes)We go through the lock of the Gezhouba dam, lifting us up about 150 feet. Click here for a site that uses animation to show how a lock works.
wpe71.jpg (75843 bytes) Floating bollards are used to hold ships in place while the water rises.
We arrive at the site of the Three Gorges Dam, the largest concrete structure in the world.

Tuesday, May 15

We land in Wushan and take smaller boats for a tour of the gorges of the Daning river, often called the Lesser Three Gorges.

Wednesday, May 16

The ship stops at Wanzhou where we visit an ethnology museum, stroll through open air market, and attend an acrobatics show by local students. 

Thursday, May 17

The ship ends its upriver journey in Chongqing, the world's most populous city. After a tour, we fly to Xi'an

Life along the River


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Farms and Buildings

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A church in Yichang wpeAA.jpg (68900 bytes) wpeAE.jpg (67751 bytes)
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