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The town of Carnac, just west of the Gulf of Morbihan, is in the middle of one of the largest megalithic sites in the world. Columns of menhir (standing stones) march 10 abreast across the fields in lines a mile long. They are probably over 12,000 years old, and were set up long before the Druids and Celts arrived in this land.

carnac01.jpg (175966 bytes) carnac02.jpg (192241 bytes) Our first contact with the lines of stones took our breath away. Seeing the number of them, the size of them, and marveling at the mystery of their purpose and origins was an experience we will treasure.

We visited on a rainy, off-season day and there were very few fellow tourists around. We appreciated visiting here on our own, rather than following after some tour guide like a flock of sheep.

carnac03.jpg (237392 bytes) carnac09.jpg (214712 bytes)
carnac04.jpg (280236 bytes) carnac05.jpg (273766 bytes) The interpretive center had these models of the two fields of menhir that we visited. The lines of stones trail off in diminishing size for as far again as is shown in these pictures
carnac06.jpg (266369 bytes) In the corner of one of the fields was a dolmen. These were burial places which are thought to have once been covered with dirt.
carnac08.jpg (229507 bytes) carnac07.jpg (233311 bytes) It's not every day that you get to have your picture taken with a menhir!
carnac10.jpg (195884 bytes) carnac11.jpg (199977 bytes) Elsewhere in Carnac is this park containing a large tumulus, and a fallen shattered menhir that originally stood over fifty feet high.

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