Prince Christian Sound

Prince Christian Sound

Greenland is the worlds largest island, but what looks like the southern tip is actually a collection of islands rising out of the sea, separated by channels created by glaciers during the past ice age. The map above is the actual path through the Sound taken by the Prinsendam and recorded by my GPS receiver. The names on the map do not seem to be accurate.

This was a perfect day of awe-inspiring scenery. We took hundreds of pictures. It was difficult to choose the top ten percent, but here they are:

Our first view of the Greenland ice cap.

Entering the Sound

The foot of the glacier

A "bergy-bit"

A volcanic intrusion.

The Alexander Humboldt II, half the size of our ship, was stopped in the Sound

She was tendering some of her 400 passengers into the tiny village of Aappilattoq .

A tabular iceberg

The crowd in the Crow's Nest

A fog bank awaited us at the exit