Paris in November

This is a brief web to contain some of the snapshots that We took on a one week excursion to Paris in November of 1998. The last update to this site was 5/20/1999.
Jet lag is the bane of intercontinental travelers. But when you find yourself wide awake in the early hours of the morning, you might as well go out and take a picture of the sunrise. Parisians, who think nothing of partying 'till dawn, have a term for the hour before sunrise: "L'heure bleue", the blue hour. bleu.jpg (38689 bytes)
Paris in November has drawbacks: it's cold! The fountains in the Tuileries gardens were going, even though frozen over. tuileries1.jpg (66911 bytes)
Paris in November has advantages: "Look, ma, no tourists!" sacrecoeur2.jpg (121453 bytes) tertre1.jpg (116487 bytes)
Special considerations are necessary when taking pictures in cold weather:
  1. Hold your breath so you don't get a picture of fog.
  2. Keep the mitten away from in front of the lens.