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Marie and I like to travel. For the last couple of years, I have been taking increasingly sophisticated digital cameras with me, and posting the images here for the enjoyment of family and friends.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me: Fritz Schneider

Orient Cruise Trans-Pacific Cruise to Japan, South Korea and China
Ganff - Yellowstone Road Trip to Banff and Yellowstone. In September 2012 we drove to Crater Lake, Lake Okanagan, Banff, and Yellowstone.
Maori gate Cruising around New Zealand. This is a selection of pictures from our December 2011 cruise from Sydney to Auckland.
No Fly A "No-fly" trip to Paris in 2011. We drove across the country, sailed to Europe and back, then drove back to California. The legs of this grand odyssey are described in individual web sites below.
Monument Valley NoflyThe great American road trip - eastbound. In May 2011 we drove from California to New Jersey as the first segment of our no-fly vacation in Paris.
Aboard M/S Prinsendam No-fly. .Transatlantic Cruise 2011. From New York we sailed on M/S Prinsendam to the Azores, Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium, disembarking in Amsterdam.
Montmartre No-flyParis 2011. We rented an apartment in Montmartre for a couple of weeks and wandered about the city just enjoying being there.
Mount Rushmore No-flyThe great American road trip - westbound. On returning from Europe, we drove back to California via, Vermont, New York, Virginia, Illinois, South Dakota and points in between.
Panama Canal Panama Canal Cruise 2010 - From Miami to Los Angeles
Swiss lake Alpine Outing 2010 - This was our year to attend the once-every-ten-years Oberammergau Passion Play
Italy 2010  Italy 2010 - After Oberammergau, we headed south to Venice, Florence, Rome, etc..
Las Vegas Las Vegas 2009. A week exploring Sin City and its surroundings, including Hoover Dam and Scotty's Castle.
San Francisco 2009. We spent a week in October playing tourist 45 miles north of our home.
Maui coastline near Hana  Maui 2009. A week on Maui with the family in July of 2009. 
  Pacific Northwest 2009: In May 2009 RCCL needed to fill up the Mariner of the Seas after she was re-routed from Mazatlan to Seattle because of the Swine Flu.
  Nordic: In July 2008 we headed north to Norway, Iceland, and Greenland, We returned via Scotland and Holland
Antarctica Antarctica: In February 2008 (the height of summer) we boarded the M.V. Ushuaia for a visit to the white continent.
Egypt Highlights. In March 2007 We toured Egypt from Alexandria to Abu Simbel.
Jordan (Petra). April 2007: An the end of our Egyptian trip we go to Jordan to see Petra, but see much, much more.
Puget Sound. In September 2006 We visited the Puget Sound area including Victoria and Vancouver.
The Caribbean: October 2005, NCL Norwegian Crown. San Juan, USVI, West Indies, Aruba.
The Austrian Alps. We spent a week near Salzburg at the end of May, 2005.
Cruising Hawaii on RCCL's Legend of the Seas, December 2004
New Mexico Fall Foliage October 2003
Chile to California, April 2003 (Cruise up the west coast of South America including Machu Picchu)
Picture of the Dordogne Three weeks in France, May, 2002 (Normandy, Brittany, Dordogne, Béarn and the Loire Valley.
Paris in the Springtime, a quick romp around Paris in June of 2003
Germany's Christmas Markets, December 2002 (Munich, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Rothenburg, and Salzburg (Austria))
Pacific Northwest, October 2002, A brief cruise on RCCL's Radiance of the Seas
China, May, 2001 (Yangtze river cruise and major cities)
Hawai'i, February 2000 (A week in a condo on the Big Island)
Paris in November Nov. 1998 (It's cold, but there are no crowds!)
A Week in England May, 1999 (Southern England, avoiding London)
Eastern Mediterranean Cruise January, 1998 (My first digital camera was a little Casio QV-10. They've improved since then)

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